1. What do I need to get started with an Insightlink 360° account?

  2. Setting up an Insightlink 360° account is very straightforward. The information that we need from you includes:

    • The survey content you want to use - typically, you simply edit the standardized copy of the survey that we send you
    • The names for your Rater groups - note that "Self" is a required group from all Insightlink 360° studies and each system can accommodate up to 4 Rater groups. The default system is set up using the following groups: Self, Manager, Direct Reports, Peers and Others. These groups names will be used to set up the file format you'll use to upload Subjects and Raters.
    • A high res copy of your company's logo.

  3. Do I have to use your standard survey?

  4. Our standardized 360° survey incorporates the objectives of most 360° reviews and has been refined based on our experience in the field but you are not required to use it. In fact, we recommend that organizations build their corporate values into the survey because adherence to those values is often a key driver of employee satisfaction and engagement.

    You are also able to choose what type of rating scale you want to use, with the most popular choices being either a "frequency" scale and a "competence" scale. Contact us if you want to learn more about the difference between these scales.

    Although you can edit the survey content, there are a few technical limitations on how much you can customize your survey:

    • You need to maintain the survey structure, which is to have a variety of rating statements grouped by a topic such as "Communications" and "Customer Service." You can choose the names of each topic and can edit, add to or delete the statements in our standardized survey.
    • All participants in any single project need to qualify for all questions in the survey. Our 360° system does not permit "skip patterns" in the survey, however the system will support multiple survey versions for different groups if needed.
    • The scale you use must consist of 5 rating points plus a "Don't know/Does not apply" option.

  5. Can I choose my own Rater groups?

  6. Yes, with the exception that all Insightlink 360° studies must include a "Self" rater. Other than that, you can name the Rater groups in a way that best fits your organization. However, the system is limited to a maximum of 5 Rater groups in total, including Self.

  7. What is required to run a report?

  8. A report on any individual subject can be run as long as (i) the subject has completed his or her own rating and (ii) the total number of Raters meets or exceeds the minimum requirement established when your project was created. The default setting is a need for at least 5 ratings other than Self to produce a report.

  9. Can I view or download a report before the study is closed?

  10. Yes, you can but remember that participants can continue to complete surveys for as long as a project is open. This means that any reports you run prior to closing your project could become out of date. Closing a project ensures that no more ratings can be completed.

  11. How do you protect the anonymity of Raters?

  12. In the Insightlink 360° system, each Subject can see his or her own ratings as well as those from his/her Direct Manager (if applicable). For all other Rater groups, we recommend setting a minimum number of completes before separating out the findings from that group. This approach is designed to protect the anonymity of groups such as Direct Reports and Peers. Our recommendation is to have a minimum of 3 responses to see the results of a Rater group. The results for any group lower than this threshold are "rolled up" and combined with other Rater groups.

  13. How do you bill for usage?

  14. The setup fee is billed at the time that we create your account. The system then tracks your usage (defined as adding one or more Subjects to a project) and you are billed for those Subjects at the end of each month.

If you have any other questions we can answer, please contact us.


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