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Hands-down, the simplest and easiest to implement 360º assessment solution available. If you have struggled with the task of creating and managing a 360º assessment program in your organization, you owe it to yourself to try us out and see how straightforward it can be. See how it works or contact us for a guided demo.

The Insightlink 360 Degree Feedback Survey is a performance assessment tool that helps employees improve as leaders, managers, supervisors or contributors. Continuous development is strongly linked to employee engagement and minimizing attrition of high performers.

The Insightlink 360 Survey shows insight into a person's performance across different categories from multiple perspectives - most typically, their manager, their peers and direct reports in contrast to their own self-evaluation. With these different perspectives, an Insightlink 360 report paints a more complete picture of an individual's strengths and opportunities for development of their performance and skills.

We are Insightlink Communications, a recognized leader in the field of employee surveys, exit surveys and other research tools for measuring employee attitudes and opinions. We work with you and your team to understand and create solutions for your unique needs - and we do it with unmatched expertise, efficiency and value.

When you choose Insightlink Communications, you will get much more than just a way to efficiently collect survey data. With our specialized tools, you can immediately see and use your findings to effectively create positive change within your organization. Contact us for a guided demo.
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